Registration for Workshops and Accompanying Events

Nominated participants can currently register for workshops and accompanying events in the application Eventee. Click on Join event (top right corner) and create a profile in the Eventee, with the email address to which you received an email with organizational information or the invitation to the application Eventee. You can join the event easily on your PC/laptop. Downloading a mobile app is not necessary, but we strongly recommend it for up to date information and notifications from the organizer during the festival. For more information about registering for workshops see the Q&A.

Please register ASAP so that you have your place at workshops guaranteed.


Registration for the Science on Stage 2022 is closed! 

The participating teachers in the Science on Stage international were selected by the National Steering Committees in member countries. Each participating teacher received a registration email with a link to the registration form. The registration deadline was 31st December 2021.

This registration was intended only for national and additional delegates (selected and approved by their national steering committees), NSC representatives, Executive Board Members and Jury Members.

If you would like to visit the festival during the Open Day, you will have to fill in a different registration form, which will be published on 1st of March 2022.

Thank you!