About Science on Stage Europe

The European Science teachers’ network Science on Stage Europe believes that the best way to improve science education and to encourage more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering is to motivate and inform their teachers. Therefore, Science on Stage Europe brings together passionate science teachers from over 30 countries, to exchange best practice teaching ideas and concepts. This non-profit organisation was founded in 2000 and reaches 100,000 teachers Europe-wide.


Science on Stage Festival

Every two years Science on Stage Europe organises Europe’s biggest science education festival. Teachers from all over Europe exchange their ideas, projects and methods at stands, in workshops and on stage. These ideas are afterwards disseminated throughout Europe via follow-up activities.

Teacher Trainings

To spread these best practice teaching concepts Europe-wide, Science on Stage countries organise teacher training events involving an international project and a national festival project.

Travel Scholarships and International Projects

Teachers from different countries, who participated in the festival, can meet again to continue their work and to develop new joint projects together.

Teaching Materials

Working groups of international teachers develop materials for their colleagues in Europe. Science on Stage publishes and spreads these concepts as teaching materials in different languages, which can be ordered or downloaded for free.

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Science on Stage Supporters

think ING

Science on Stage is mainly supported by the Federation of German Employers’ Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries (GESAMTMETALL) with its initiative think ING. Stay in touch for future opportunities to get involved.

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